Carry Concealed with Confidence

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​​You chose the best firearm for protection

Now choose the best handbag for your firearm accessory

A custom fit purse from Carriage House Specialties, designed for you

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Designed by a woman for women!

More than a year of research, advise from law enforcement personnel, and CCW class instructors combined with my personal designs for a daily functioning purse has resulted in the beautiful purses you see here. They are light when empty yet strong enough to last for years.

If you are feeling uncomfortable in a situation, just place your hand inside on the butt of your handgun. It is as natural in appearance as reaching for your keys. You always know where your handgun is due to the custom made holster that is sewn into the purses in Trinity. This keeps the position correct and exactly where you can find it naturally while the trigger is completely protected.

If needed you can draw and aim naturally from your closed purse! Some companies have mentioned shooting through the purse when needed. The possibility of collateral damage is great with this idea.

The thick straps of our purses deter slashing, but we do add a braided steel wire for added security to the women handbags in Trinity. This is soft and flexible while difficult to cut at the same time.

Our functional and fashionable purse does not look like other CCW purses. This is why the choice of professionals is a concealed carry purse from Carriage House Specialties in Trinity, North Carolina..

Design and Style you will



Women, we are responsible and smart. Have you ever seen a man get keys and unlock a lock and open a zipper before he can draw his handgun from his holster? When you pick up a handgun you are responsible for it. You don't walk around with a lock and chain on it!