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Here at Carriage House Specialties in Trinity, NC, we are reaching out to children and youth ages 9 - 15 and offering quality, one-on-one classes to learn the basics of sewing.  They will learn from Debbie who is a professional seamstress with over 40 years experience.

Classes run for 4 lessons per month and  begin with learning the basics; the use of the tools, and then students complete a project of their choosing. For more details click here. This is a great way to join a life skill and education; having fun and boosting math and reading skills while creating something.

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​​​​Designed by a woman for women!

How many purses do you have on your closet top shelf? Carriage House Specialties in Trinity, NC found interesting results from a local survey. Designer purses seems to be the biggest item that is purchased and then found unsatisfactory for its desired use. A handbag designer in Trinity, NC, wants to make a difference.

Debbie Hane is the founder of Carriage House Specialties and her best idea came when designing a purse that was fashionable and practical for everyday use. When you want something, you want to put your hands on it right away.

Imagine making shopping easier when you know where everything is and when your cell phone rings you can put your hands right on it! Keys, no problem, they have their own pocket in the women's handbags in Trinity.

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This was a man's dress shirt. Addition of upcycled buttons and eyelet and new elastic and thread.

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SEWING CLASSES From a Designer of Purses in Trinity, NC

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